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We have experienced facilitators who has a proven record of not only recovery, but a solid exit and future development strategy

Knowing you are ready for drug rehab is an excellent first step toward recovery. If you’re interested in recovering at New Road Treatment Centre, give us a call today and you’ll go through a rudimentary assessment with our admissions team to ensure you are well enough to attend drug rehab, and if so, we’ll get you booked in immediately. You’ll likely have lots of questions, but don’t worry. Our admissions team will go through everything with you so you know exactly what to expect and how best to prepare.

Interventions are often used as a first step to approach a loved one who is in the grips of addiction or alcoholism. This usually involves members of the family, friends and an addiction counsellor. During an intervention, the addict or alcoholic is confronted by these individuals and urged to make the right choice by entering a rehabilitation facility. It is of paramount importance that loved ones seek the help of a professional addiction counsellor. Often family members themselves are unaware of the dangers of withdrawal and forcing the user to go cold turkey could be fatal. Loved ones should have a simple, yet effective plan in place. This is by no means an easy process and professional guidance is essential.

It has been suggested, that a person who drinks more than four alcoholic drinks on a daily basis is putting himself or herself at risk. As with any mind-altering substances the body begins to crave more alcohol with prolonged drinking. This could quickly lead a person to not only drink in the evenings, but eventually during the day starting as early as first thing in the morning in extreme cases.

Once a person’s mind becomes preoccupied with drinking and they cannot go without it they are in serious trouble. The dangers of alcohol is often misjudged, as alcohol is legally available and socially acceptable.